mild® Procedure for LSS

The mild® Procedure Jupiter LSS Treatment

If you have Lumbar Spinal Stenosis (LSS), an effective way to treat it is with the mild® procedure in Jupiter. Over a million people in the U.S. are diagnosed with LSS each year. Edwin W. Maldonado MD is a Board-Certified Interventional Pain Specialist qualified to administer the various types of LSS treatment, including the mild® procedure.

What is LSS?

Lumbar spinal stenosis is the narrowing of the spinal canal, resulting in painful pressure to nerves in the spinal cord. The most common cause of LSS is the wear and tear that normally occurs with aging. Pressure on the nerves may be caused by the following age-related conditions: Thickening of ligament, bulging discs, and osteoarthritis. Other causes of LSS include the following:

– Back or neck strain caused by heavy lifting, poor posture, repetitive physical activity, or musculature imbalances.
– Genetics
– A physical injury, such from an automobile accident

Symptoms of LSS

LSS is a condition that is eased when leaning forward and sitting. The following are among the painful symptoms of lumbar spinal stenosis:

    – Weakness, pain, and/or numbness in the buttocks, legs, and feet
    – Leaning backwards, walking, and standing straight cause symptoms to worsen
    – In the legs and thighs, there is stiffness
    – Lower back pain
    – In the worst cases, control of the bowel and bladder is lost

What is the mild® Procedure?

A safe new treatment cleared by the FDA, mild® procedure in Jupiter provides a lasting solution to LSS. Thousands of patients have already experienced the benefits of the treatment. It takes approximately one hour for the doctor to perform the mild® procedure, and there is a very low risk of having a major complication. The following is what to expect:

    – The patient is placed under a local anesthetic and light sedation. No general anesthetic is required.
    – An entry point about the size of the opening in a drinking straw is made.
    – The doctor uses an imaging machine for needed guidance during the remainder of the procedure.
    – Using specialized tools, small pieces of bone and excess ligament are removed.
    – No stitches are needed following the mild® procedure.
    – Following the procedure, most patients return home the same day.
    – Within a few days, patients can usually return to work, though light tasks can often be resumed immediately.

Success of the mild® Procedure Jupiter LSS Treatment

After the mild® procedure in Jupiter has been performed, patients often say it feels as though youth has been restored. Studies show that approximately 79% of the patients who have had the treatment had a positive outcome, which comes to 3 out of 4 patients. The procedure is especially helpful for patients who have LSS as a result of thickening of the ligaments. Mobility is restored the majority of the time, and pain is significantly reduced.

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