When Should You See a Pain Management Doctor Boca Raton

How many days should you keep up with joint pain, arthritis, an aching back or neck, or severe pain caused by an injury or surgery?

According to medical professionals at Certified Spine & Pain Care, pain is typically considered as chronic pain if it has lasted for over three months. This comprises pain that involves joints and spine, cancer pain, unusual pain of the limbs, nerve pain, prolonged pelvic, or abnormal or pain after an injury or surgery. Palm Beach Gardens, FL can be seen here.

Determine the Real Cause of the Pain

When a person is experiencing severe pain for a long time, or under the care of a doctor and still the pain is not going away, it’s time to get help from a professional. It’s essential to talk to a pain doctor before resorting to any other type of treatment. At Certified Spine & Pain Care, we create an accurate diagnosis to know the cause of the pain so that we can treat the condition accurately. We then design a multidisciplinary treatment plan that includes injections and nerve blocks. We also offer ongoing monitoring and follow up until you recover.  Click here to read about Where to Get the Best Treatment Plan for Pain Management Pompano Beach.

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