Epidural injections Jupiters are commonly used to provide relief to individuals suffering from disc herniation, spinal stenosis, or degenerative disc disease. This is the injection most commonly used by physicians for pain management.


When Dr. Edwin W. Maldonado administers an epidural steroid injection, the goal is to reduce the inflammation of nerve roots as they exit the spine. The epidural space is located in the spine. It is just outside of the sac which contains the spinal fluid. The treatment is an injection of steroid and local anesthetic into the epidural space. For long-term pain relief, it is often necessary for an individual to have a series of injections, such as three injections a month apart. When there are significant improvement and relief, no further injection may be needed until the pain begins to feel uncomfortable again. The pre-existing medical problem is not corrected by epidural injection, but it can reduce the severity of the pain.

NOTE: This procedure must not be performed on individuals who are on blood thinners or have very high blood pressure or a fever, the flu, or a cold. Make your physician aware, if you have any of these conditions.


You will usually be laying face down on the X-ray table during an epidural steroid injection. First, you sign a consent form, and your blood pressure is checked. The injection site in the neck or back is cleansed using an antiseptic soap. A local anesthetic similar to what dentists use is first injected, to numb the area.

As the doctor administers an epidural steroid injection, the pressure is usually the sensation felt. A more local anesthetic is used if pain is experienced at that point. A fluoroscope or live x-ray is used as the doctor infuses the medication in the epidural space. Once completed, the skin is again cleansed and a bandage applied. Your blood pressure is again checked and, if found to be within the acceptable range, you are then discharged and released to leave with your ride.

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