Welcome! Edwin W. Maldonado, MD, and his dedicated team of administrative and medical staff members thank you for choosing us for treatment of your chronic pain.

The information below will help to ensure that you have a stress-free and productive first visit.


Gather information about your current insurance. If a referral is required by your insurance company, be prepared to bring the referral information to the appointment, as well. Note to injured-at-work patients and auto accident victims: Before the day of the appointment, please provide our staff with detailed information, so that the process can be expedited.


Be sure that the information you are prepared to bring includes contact details for your primary care provider and, if applicable, your referring provider. As part of your health care team, we seek to provide interactive care. With access to your primary care physician, we are better equipped to provide you with the most effective and comprehensive approach to care.


Make plans to arrive at our office between 15 to 30 minutes early so that you can fill out the new patient packet. The purpose of the information is to provide you with the best quality of care possible. The packet includes: Registration forms, a patient questionnaire, a medical release, and HIPAA acknowledgment. If desired, you can print the packet at home and bring completed forms with you, to speed the process.


Be prepared to provide detailed information about all medications that you take, including dosage and strength. The information should cover medications regularly prescribed to you, medications you take as needed, and over-the-counter medications as well as herbals, vitamins, preparations, and Chinese, homeopathic, and medicated creams, eye drops, ointments, etcetera. It is possible that some of your medications may need to be stopped before you receive an injection for treatment because they may interact with the pain clinic medications prescribed.


Be prepared to provide copies of all pertinent x-ray and lab reports. If these resources are with someone other than your referring provider, you may need to request them from the ordering provider before your appointment.


Appointment Day

Bring all of the requested information you’ve gathered to your first visit.

Remember that the first appointment is typically a consultation in which your medical history will be discussed, the physician will examine you, and a treatment plan will be devised.

We ask that you arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment, to allow time for completion of the paperwork process and so that our office staff can update current information, as needed.


– Your vital signs and weight will be taken.
– Maldonado will discuss your medical history, conduct a physical exam, and talk with you about your treatment goals.
– For your safety, additional tests may be ordered by the doctor, if indicated and to provide an accurate diagnosis. The tests may include such – diagnostics as blood tests and special imaging.
– As the support staff working with Dr. Maldonado, we are happy to help you obtain the pre-certifications you need for diagnostic imaging such as CT scans and MRI scans. We will help you choose a facility, make an appointment, and obtain authorizations. To complete the process, you will need to schedule the appointment and notify us of the date and location of your procedure.
– If you do not have complex health issues and if your insurance does not require any sort of pre-authorization, you could be eligible for a procedure on the day of your consultation. Please note, however, that in most cases, a consultation alone is performed on the initial visit.

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