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Trigger points are painful areas of contracted knots in which muscles have been overactive. Edwin W. Maldonado, MD, treats trigger points with trigger point injections Jupiter containing a small measure of local anesthetic and/or a steroid. The area is numbed by the local anesthetic, pain is relieved, and muscle spasms are decreased. The many potential causes of trigger points include poor posture, overuse of the muscles, joint disorders, sleep disturbance, vitamin deficiencies, repetitive mechanical stress, and mechanical imbalance, which occurs, for instance, when one leg is shorter than the other. Trigger points develop on the back, feet, neck, near the elbows, near the knees, and other areas of the body. Trigger points feel like tight bands and are tender when touched. Pressure on a trigger point often radiates pain to other areas. Pressing on a knot on the shoulder, for example, could result in pain the neck or arm. The most common treatments for trigger points include exercising, improving posture, and reducing stress. When other strategies fail, Dr. Maldonado may address the pain with a trigger point injection. If you are experiencing trigger point pain, contact Edwin W. Maldonado, MD at one of his four convenient Certified Spine & Pain Care Clinic locations – Jupiter, Wellington, Delray Beach or Margate. Get started on your way to being pain-free.

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