Vertiflex Procedure In Palm Beach Gardens

Seeking Relief From Chronic Back Pain

Chronic weakness or pain in the buttocks, back, or legs when walking or standing can greatly hinder your physical capabilities. Sitting down constantly and giving up enjoyable activities doesn’t seem like a viable solution for anyone. Continuing to suffer from these conditions isn’t an option either. The only thing to do is to seek out professional help to explore your treatment options. Imagine living a life that isn’t plagued by constant pain all over your body. Those with trouble walking or bending may find themselves relying on shopping carts, walkers, or another mobile assistance device. If you find yourself constantly feeling the need to sit down, you might benefit from professional medical care. At Certified Spine and Pain Care, we are fully dedicated to helping our patients live fuller and more active lifestyles. 

Seeking Superior Treatment With Vertiflex Procedure In Palm Beach Gardens

People who suffer from lumbar spinal stenosis do have available treatment options. One of the most popular, and maybe the most effective, treatment options is the simple procedure known as Vertiflex. Proven to be safe, this practically noninvasive procedure provides real-time results when treating the chronic pain associated with lumbar spinal stenosis. Anyone who has suffered from chronic pain for long periods of time is familiar with the constant yearning for relief. 

How Vertiflex is Different

What makes Vertiflex stand out above other treatments is its long-lasting results. Some patients have found this procedure to provide relief for as long as five years. This clinically proven treatment has been conducted on countless patients, and it always has provided positive results. It isn’t outlandish to wish for a life that was free of pain and agony. Living a fuller, happier, and more active lifestyle starts with exploring the pros and cons associated with the Vertiflex procedure in Palm Beach Gardens that is offered by Certified Spine and Pain Care. 

Basic Rundown of How Vertiflex Works

The Vertiflex procedure is relatively quick and simple, as it involves implanting a spacer inside of a patient’s spine. While this may sound complex and dangerous, the procedure is minimally invasive. This means that you will be made as comfortable as possible without the need for massive external incisions. Since the procedure is so non-invasive, it has a reduced risk of infection. Plus, patients don’t have to fret about large scars on their bodies. The spacer that is placed inside of the patient’s spine is small in size, but once it has been properly implanted, it extends arms that open directly spinous processes. 

Exploring the Science of Vertiflex

The basic function of the spacer is to open the processes to relieve the pressure from the nerves in the body. Alleviated pressure reduces the frequency and intensity of the pain that patients experience. There isn’t any need for patients to worry about tissue or bone damaging during the implantation process. Vertiflex is currently the only indirect decompression medical instrument approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The procedure can easily be accomplished as an outpatient procedure at Certified Spine and Pain Care. The spinous processes are the bumps you feel when you rub your spine. With open spinous processes, the nerves find relief from enormous amounts of pressure. The pressure on the spinal nerves is what causes severe pain in the legs and back. With this pressure removed, the patient is able to move freely without experiencing crippling pain. 

Vertiflex Procedure Palm Beach Gardens Premium Provider

At our state of the art facility, we are equipped with the latest tools and technology to provide optimal care at a low cost. Presenting the local community with pain relief options free of opioids is something our facility is enormously proud of. We strive to improve the quality of life that our patients enjoy by providing excellent care and multiple pain relief treatments. You don’t have to live in a constant state of pain due to lumbar spinal stenosis any longer. The advancement of modern medicine and science has brought forth medical solutions to reduce pain and enhance physical capabilities. 

Benefits of the Vertiflex Procedure

Patients diagnosed with lumbar spinal stenosis may find that the Vertiflex procedure can provide many benefits. Not only is the procedure safe and painless, but it also has a minimal recovery time. You will be back on your feet and to your regular schedule before you know it. In addition to providing long term pain relief, the procedure also doesn’t require any anesthesia. Instead of relying on opioid prescription painkillers to find relief, patients have a drug free treatment option. As the spread of opioid addictions rages across the nation, it is easy to see why patients are more apt to choose alternative treatment methods. 

Easily Reversible Procedure 

The Vertiflex procedure is one of the few treatment options that is reversible. The spacer can be removed just as easily as it is inserted. This low-risk treatment can eliminate or reduce back and leg pain for patients suffering from lumbar spinal stenosis. Since the procedure can be reversed, it opens up the path to alternative future treatment options. At Certified Spine and Pain Care, we have tons of experience with the Vertiflex procedure. You can expect to be treated with the highest level of care and respect. You are safe in the hands of our capable staff. 

Utilizing Indirect Decompression Devices

By utilizing the power of indirect decompression devices, the procedure of Vertiflex has grown in popularity like a forest fire. More patients than ever have experienced relief from extraordinary pain that hindered their physical abilities. Many lumbar spinal stenosis patients fear they will never again actively participate in their lives on a physical level. The Vertiflex procedure Palm Beach Gardens offers at Certified Spine and Pain Care is just what you have been looking for. It should be stated that this procedure will not cure any condition, but it does have the ability to provide long term pain relief without the need for potentially addictive drugs.

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